Ask Hitsugaya Toushiro
Do you get really annoyed when people call you cute? Because I find it quite impossible not to.

Don’t you find it annoying to be called something you’re not?

Yamamoto- sama orders you to smile. Will you do it? :DD

I wouldn’t enjoy doing it, but you don’t disobey an order from the head captain. So I suppose I would.

Do you like having Hyourinmaru as your Zanpakutou?

In simple terms? Yes.

Do you get annoyed when you hear people (A LOT of people) saying you should date Momo, Karin or even Matsumoto? As in, like, as in, love?

Considering the number of times I’ve been asked that, no matter how many times I say no? Yes. Very annoyed.

Will you smile more? :)

If I’m given a reason, perhaps.

Nee, chibi-taichou-sama... Do you think "Visual Kei" would suits you? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


*staaaaaaaaaaare* *pokes* Do you bleach your hair? Why is it white? To emphasize your name ? :D

It’s natural. Now get your hands off before you regret touching me.

Do you have any idea how many people out there admire and-dare I say it-love you? You must not have a clue.

No, I have a rather good idea of how many people do. And you’re all rather insane for being this obsessed with one person.

is yamamoto still alive by now ?

Given all that’s happened so far…I can’t say for sure, but no. It doesn’t seem like he is.

The first time I saw you I taught you were cute, I didn't say a word cause I was on mute. I opened my mouth and opened my eyes, I thought that every thing I saw was noting' but lies.I asked far your name, they told me it's not lame,it started with T and ended with O,so guess what it was he's called toushiro. Every body taught that I was crazy, but they didn't know that I was never lazy, I did all my work and did all my stuff, so there was nothing else left to me except for love.TADAAAAAAAAa....

….What the hell was that?