Ask Hitsugaya Toushiro
Are you pregnant?

….You do realize I am biologically male, don’t you? Pregnancy isn’t possible.

hello Hitsugaya-taicho. I would like to ask about your opinions in yaoi and HitsuHina fanficions (ahem mainly about IchiHitsu yaoi pairings). anyway, sorry if this question troubles you. thanks by the way!

To begin with, Momo is my sister. There won’t be be any romance with her. As for my opinion on people who seem to insist Kurosaki and I are together, I don’t really care either way. What they do to waste their time is their business. They could do worse, I suppose.

Do you believe it would be better to be overly emotional than to feel no emotions at all?

I think it best to have control over your emotions than to swing to either extreme. Emotions are natural reactions; dismissing them out of hand or over reacting with them won’t solve a thing.

Mun, have you read the latest Bleach chapter already? Not gonna spoil it in case you haven't, but what do you think will happen to Hitsugaya?

Mun Says: Whoof, that’s…that’s a toughie. I have read it and—hold on. Lemme stick this behind a cut. 

[Spoilers for Chapters 591 and 592 here, folks!]

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What do you think of Haineko and Tobiume, who seem to be drooling all over Hyourinmaru? (I think it's quite entertaining, to be honest)

I think their behavior is utterly ridiculous, to be quite honest. No Zanpakuto spirit should behave like that.

how does the squad raise funds to buy the things they want and how Rangiku get her sake

Her sake comes out of her salary. Everyone has a salary they can use as they see fit. Most people choose to save it for when it’s needed, since food and shelter are provided.

why does Ichigo always call you by your first name and not your title, does he not respect you or does he secretly like you

It’s more that he just doesn’t care. He refers to nearly everyone by their first names, no matter what we tell him. We’ve learned to get used to it.


….You people certainly don’t waste any time.

Mun Note!

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, Tumblr’s having some hiccups with its image uploader. (not that it didn’t have a dozen before). All replies are delayed/slower until it’s fixed, but I’m still here! Please be patient; I’ll get to your questions as soon as possible.

Sorry! I didn't mean to imply that she actually steals them…That was just my odd way of wording things. I’ll try to keep that under control so I can try to avoid agitating Hitsugaya-taichou by mistake. (Next question) Though I know you won’t get as excited as Zaraki-taichou when it comes to a good fight, has Hitsugaya-taichou ever had any exhilarating practice battles or matches? Though I’m guessing if you had some they would be back during your time in the academy…


Not even then. No one seemed to take me seriously at the time. And now fights are just fights; there’s no point in finding them exhilarating.