Ask Hitsugaya Toushiro
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As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, Tumblr’s having some hiccups with its image uploader. (not that it didn’t have a dozen before). All replies are delayed/slower until it’s fixed, but I’m still here! Please be patient; I’ll get to your questions as soon as possible.

Sorry! I didn't mean to imply that she actually steals them…That was just my odd way of wording things. I’ll try to keep that under control so I can try to avoid agitating Hitsugaya-taichou by mistake. (Next question) Though I know you won’t get as excited as Zaraki-taichou when it comes to a good fight, has Hitsugaya-taichou ever had any exhilarating practice battles or matches? Though I’m guessing if you had some they would be back during your time in the academy…


Not even then. No one seemed to take me seriously at the time. And now fights are just fights; there’s no point in finding them exhilarating.

The oddest question you ve been asked?

Anything having to do with my romantic life. You people care too much about trivial things.

Makes me wonder how much the head captain can carry with how much spiritual power he has… Kusajishi really loves sweets , but you don’t enjoy the snacks Ukitake-taichou gives you…Is Kusajishi the one who eats all the sweets Ukitake-taichou gives you or…I just imagine her coming over and stealing all the snacks and eating them...what do you usually do with those snacks is what I’m asking though if I confused you…

Generally, I give them to Lieutenant Kusajishi when she comes through. She doesn’t have to steal them.

What would you do if karin started to turn into a hollow?

My job. We can’t choose to not put down hollows just because they were people we once knew. 

But if she’s anything like her brother, she would find some way to overcome it. Stubbornness seems to run in that family.

Captain hitsugaya do you think Matsumoto and orihime are related?

Somewhere down the line, they might be. But it matters little at this point; Matsumoto’s already taken Inoue under her wing, blood connection or otherwise.

Mun! why dont u use icons with toshiro's new hair cut? r there not enough?

Mun Says: There’s actually plenty! I don’t use them for two reasons, though. One: the timeline Toushiro’s from is pre-timeskip. (despite my answering questions about what happened during/after it, the blog was created before he reappeared.) Two: I’m just too damned lazy and/or busy to go icon hunting for more recent appearances. » Whooooops.

What do you think of karin in general?

She’s a lot like her brother. Reckless but good-hearted. What else am I supposed to think of her?

Hello captain hitsugaya I have a question what would you do if you found out that karin had shinigami powers but didn't let anyone find out.

You underestimate us; we know exactly which humans have or don’t have shinigami level powers. She wouldn’t be able to hide it for long, nor do I think she would want to. She knows about hollows and what attracts them. She’s not the kind of girl who puts her family at risk like that.

Well thats good in a way, shinigami are more resilient and stronger. I'll hope the shinigami common cold isn't too bad and that their other illnesses are also treatable or are soon learned to be treatable. (Next question) Its been shown that Kusajishi, can carry Zaraki-taichou while easily jumping across buildings. How much can Hitsugaya-taichou carry or do concerning physical strength?

The amount of strength that any shinigami has is dependent on their spiritual pressure. I can manage about the same as her if it’s needed.