Ask Hitsugaya Toushiro
Momo Hinamori- Toshiro, I love you :). -hug you- I just miss you.. I just wanted to hug you so badley.

Dummy. I’ve been here the whole time. It’s not like I’m going anywhere.

my bad winter isnt official till the 21st, oh well. im more then sure ur grandma is a kind woman and would no plenty of tales i could entertain myself with. if i could visit her would it be alright with hitsugaya-taicho if i did so? i would assist her in every way possible and be of little hindrance as i can manage, and if i still turn out to be too much i would leave. i love learning of elderly wisdom and such things. (what are some of the hardest or oddest questions uve been asked mun?)

I would prefer you didn’t. Leave my family out of this.

(Mun Says: Hardest? Nothing. Oddest? …there was that “can I rape you” question a while back. Does that count?)

(boredom is a good enough response for almost anything, do you also do role-play with hitsugaya-taicho?) by the way hitsugaya-taicho, ive been told through old wives tales that those born in the winter actually age slower, outer appearance wise. so though the slow aging may be a bit of a bother for both u and me and any other winter born person in the beginning it should have some use later on when in our old ages yet still looking young. but thats just if the old wives tales are true

I don’t put stock in wive’s tales. Aging is something out of my control; when it happens, it’ll happen. And I was born in the fall, not the winter. It wouldn’t be applicable, anyway.

(Mun Says: Nope. Not on Tumblr, anyway. The rest is my little secret. :3)

What are your thoughts about that Heavenly Guardian thing?

I think that it means nothing at all. That it’s just Ichimaru trying to sew dissent or doubt. That’s all.

alright alright! Please accept my dearest apologies hitsugaya-taicho, im just a bit too happy about the fact of some1 to emphasize with on the 'older-then-i-look' factor' and as a plus that some1 is shorter then me! ha! again my apologize i shall refer to u as ur proper title and no longer call u rude names like chibi and such. my most sincerest apologies. u can step on me when u get taller. as it is clear i wont be growing any more (so mun why did you start this blog?)

Clearly. See to it that you don’t bring it up again.

(Mun Says: …honestly? Because I was bored. xD nothing poetic.)

Have you ever been unfortunate enough to experience the insides of Minazuki?

Once. But considering the alternative, I wouldn’t be so quick to call it an unfortunate experience.

If you had to choose: is Ukitake more of a father figure or do you think of him as a grampa?

He’s more a distant but caring grandfather, really. We’re both too busy for it to be anything else.

oh! i trust u not to go around freezing complete strangers because of the things they said, SHORTY. does it rain in the soul society? of course it does, and u probably carry a life boat around with u so u dont drown in the puddles right? oh man ur so small, CHIBI-TAICHO. (do u think uve done a good job playing as toshiro? i think uve done pretty good. though im curious about what u would ask toshiro if given the chance to do so)

Then your trust is extremely misplaced. I suggest you start running.

(Mun says: I think I’ve done okay, yeah. Nothing blatantly out of character, at least! And personally I’d ask him why the hell he’s just so bad at dodging. Goodness knows what reason there actually is for that.)

the puny teeny tiny itsy-bitsy pocket-sized dwarf of a captain seems upset. oh~! i wonder what has made him so frigid and mad! (was/ is it fun running this blog?)

Do you want to be frozen?

(Mun says: It has been, yes. And very, very, very interesting besides. The things some people ask…)

so how are u midget, chibi, shorty, pipsqueak? Small as an ant wrath of edward elric when called short. u know him? (just wanted to annoy u before asking my question meant for the mun) so mun u dont get as many questions as u used to. how do u feel about that?

I don’t know him. But keep talking like that and you’ll find out just how I am.

(Mun Says: Personally I feel fine with it. Most everything’s been asked and I don’t answer duplicates, so…/shrug?/ Things come and go.)